The Design ScanArm 2.5C is the ideal solution for any organization that may have the need to manufacture parts without existing CAD models, develop aftermarket products that need to fit tightly with existing products, reverse engineer legacy parts for design changes or replacement, create digital libraries to decrease inventory and warehouse costs, design aesthetically pleasing, freeform surfaces, or leverage the power of rapid prototyping.

Reverse Engineering
Quickly digitize legacy parts to support design changes, replacements, incorporation into new designs, or to perform competitive analysis

CAD Reconstruction
Create manufacturing-ready CAD files for parts that broken, lost, or unavailable.

Aftermarket Products
Quickly and accurately scan OEM parts enabling the efficient design of aftermarket products in CAD based directly on the geometry of the mating part

Modification of Production Tooling
Capture the as-built condition of complex tools and molds in order to update the tooling to support a new model or variant or to reproduce or move the assembly line.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
Conduct wear and tear analysis and create as-built documentation on parts and tooling prior to maintenance efforts and create custom fit replacements for critical repairs.

Testing and Validation
Conduct wear and tear analysis and create test documentation on parts and prototypes before and after product validation programs.

Digital Archiving and Engineering Documentation
Create digital libraries to decrease inventory and warehouse costs that can be reproduced as needed in the future.

Industrial Design / Clay Modeling
Easily digitize complex, organic, challenging shapes for quick iterations to design aesthetically pleasing and functional freeform surfaces

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping
3D scan data can be easily produce a watertight, 3D printable mesh or a scale model to feed directly into a 3D printer

FARO Design Scan Arm 2.5C - Now with Color Scanning