The Most Direct Path from Reality into Any Design System

FARO® As-Built Modeler is a software tool that enables AEC professionals to extract building information, such as CAD and BIM geometry, to be used from 3D data into any CAD system, even if it does not support point cloud data. It allows users to display, manage and evaluate point cloud projects of unlimited size, independently from its source. Overall design productivity is greatly accelerated by using user friendly tooling to apply measurements, extract highly accurate CAD models and create photo realistic renderings.

Open Up Workflows for Reality Capture Data
Import reality capture data as point clouds and meshes from FARO and other scanning solutions without constraints in data size. Use generated point cloud data captured from terrestrial scanners, handheld scanners, drones, mobile mapping systems and photogrammetry devices or import textured meshes and CAD files and view them in 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) view with the highest detail.

Stream Point Clouds Directly into Any CAD System
Take measurements in point clouds easily and send them directly into Word, Excel and supported CAD programs. Send coordinates, distances and customizable macros directly into CAD from photo-realistic views of the 3D data. Generate results in three easy steps: Load the project. Connect to application. Measure.

Evaluate 3D As-Built Data for Any CAD System
Extract planar regions from the point cloud and intersect them to proofed and closed surface models, which can be exported into any CAD system supporting common file format conversion.

Use Simple and Intuitive Evaluation Tools
Create sections and slices from the point cloud and automatically extract line models and ortho-images to create floor, elevation and facade plans. Export CAD results into a preferred CAD system regardless of point cloud support.

Visualize Projects for Stakeholder
Create video renderings and fly-through videos from imported and modelled data. Visualize project status and retrofitted design with immersion and share these videos with stakeholders.

Accelerated Productivity
Easy to learn, simple to use and affordable to implement amounts to a fast return on investment.

Seamless FARO Workflow
Combine the FARO Focus Laser Scanner, SCENE Software and As-Built Modeler to convert data into any preferred file format.

Decreased Costs
Save time and effort by avoiding multiple visits to the construction site.

Increased Efficiency
Get the job done in the shortest amount of time with proven quality. Execute fast, straight-forward and accurate conversion of point clouds into meaningful deliverables with automatic extraction tools.

Delivered Proficiency
Provide accurate projects from true-to-fit CAD design models while avoiding rework and material waste by a design that perfectly fits into the as-built situation. Pre-simulation in the digital twin (3D, Virtual Reality) guarantees proof of right fit and concept.

Greatest Flexibility
Work with any point cloud data to deliver results to the client in their preferred CAD system.

As-Built for AutoCAD Revit

As-Built for AutoCAD Software