3D Scanning – 3D Design – Digital Creation

FARO develops portable 3D digitization solutions designed to capture and edit part geometries or environments for design purposes in Product Development or Computer Graphics applications.

Your fastest and easiest way for 3D design

Scan to Design

Need to complete a development project with a tight deadline? The challenge is bridging the physical and virtual world boundary so the work can be accomplished. FARO 3D scanning solutions enable quick, accurate and efficient color capture of real world parts and objects into modeling software where a 3D representation is generated in a virtual workspace ready for you to execute your design and build your project.

Scan to Virtual Reality

Need to bring reality into virtual environments? Digitize products and objects for a 3D presentation, or large objects, landscapes, scenes and locations for real-time renderings and visual effects. FARO 3D scanning solutions enable a fast acquisition before, during or after your project to digitize the needed environment for planning, presentation, virtual environments, or post-production optimizations.