Scan It – Wrap It – Produce It

Capture the shapes of parts and products that needs to be wrapped for protected during storage or transportation. Use the 3D scan to create a 2D projection of the product or to design a perfect fitting 3D packaging to get a blister packaging or a foam design.

Scan what needs to be wrapped

No matter what size of product it needs to be protected for storage or transportation. The different FARO solutions provide you the possibility to capture the outer shape of a part and transfer it to a meshed CAD file.

Create the perfect fitting design

Use the scanned mesh to create a 2D projection of the object for foam inlets or simple blisters. You can also utilize the available 3D model to create a perfect fitting package all around the product or to design single protection elements on relevant locations to ensure proper protection.

Print, cut or produce the protection

With the quick design process in your hand an accelerated go-to-market product with new packaging is assured. No matter whether your clients ask for a one-off solution or a mass-produced wrapping, the fast design process combined with 3D printing and state of the art packaging production opens up almost every possibility.

Solutions for your specific needs

FARO® Design ScanArm® 2.5C

Full color 3D scanning and hard probing
Up to 75μm system accuracy
Up to 3D Scanning at 600,000 points per second

The FARO Design ScanArm is a portable color 3D scanning solution tailored for 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and CAD-based design applications across the product lifecycle management (PLM) process

  • High resolution data with a volumetric accuracy of up to 75μm and noise-free scan data
  • Full Color Capture: FARO Prizm Laser Line Probe provides full color values to the point cloud
  • Ultimate portability: Optional dual hot, swappable batteries
  • Hard Probing Capabilities: Utilize high-precision probing of basic geometry

FARO Focus Laser Scanner

Up to 1mm system precision at 10m
Up to 900K pts/sec point capture rate
Up to 165 megapixel color resolution

Compact, lightweight and intuitive, the Focus Laser Scanner is the latest advancement in 3D scanning with innovations such as IP54 Rating, increased scanning accuracy, an internal accessory bay and a built-in compensation on-site routine.

  • Scan in challenging environments with protection from dust, debris and water splashes
  • HDR camera captures detailed images, providing balanced color even in bright conditions
  • On-site compensation functionality allows users to verify and optimize accuracy on-site
  • Manage the scanner control with ease through its large and luminous touch-screen

FARO Freestyle3D Objects

≤ 0.5mm system precision
Up to 88,000 points/s, point cloud density increases with time

Medium volume high accuracy color handheld laser scanner for real world capture, reverse engineering, scan to print and digital archive applications.

  • Medium measurement range: 0.3.m-0.8m allows the fast capturing of components and products
  • Real-time point cloud visualization supports the intuitive data acquisition
  • Optimized for restricted area measurement without the need for artificial targets
  • Scan in full color with natural lighting or internal led flash

Scan in a Box

Up to 0.04mm system precision
Scanning time up to ~2 secs per scan
Up to 2 Mpx. sensors

Functional and reconfigurable, the 3D Scanner is carefully conceived to address multi-purpose usages. Designed for demanding users and companies that are looking for a high-level performance to save time and resources. Fast, accurate and concrete.

  • Modular and reconfigurable that allows to be used for almost unlimited applications.
  • Structured light technology in a stereo structure, grant full performances with high precision and resolution.
  • Powerful projector for enhanced brightness and color definition.
  • Compact and portable. Easy-to-transport and to use

FARO RevEng Capture

Adaptive software for a straight forward workflow

FARO RevEng is designed for any level user to scan, capture and mesh high-quality 3D mesh models for 3D design applications

  • Easy to use mesh editing tools visible on a single worksheet saves users time and workflow efficiency
  • Automatic fixing and repair tools to reduce time needed for perfect mesh modelling
  • Generate color point clouds geometrically and visually accurate relative to the scanned object
  • Export watertight perfect meshes for 3D printing

Geomagic Software

Geomagic Wrap provides an effective scan-to-mesh solution. Design X creates a model that can be transferred to most popular CAD systems. Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS enables direct scanning into SOLIDWORKS where automated wizards easily create accurate feature-based solid parts (not capable of texture capture)

  • Seamlessly add 3D scanning into your design process so you can do more and work faster
  • Build components that integrate perfectly with existing products
  • Direct 3D print – museum visitors experience history without touching the artifact itself
  • Capture the design intent of complex geometry that cannot be measured any other way


Align scans using real time on-site registration / Measure, 3D visualize, export scan data / Utilize many plug-in apps

FARO SCENE software is specifically designed for FocusS Series Laser Scanners and Freestyle Scanners. SCENE processes and manages scan data efficiently and easily by using real time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, moving objects filter, scan registration and positioning.

  • Real time, on-site registration for FocusS scan data accelerates reality capture
  • Moving Objects Filter enables unwanted people, vehicles or machinery captured in the scene during the scanning process to be automatically detected and removed
  • FARO Laser High Dynamic Range (Laser-HDR™) support – create impressive HDR quality images in a substantially short amount of time
  • Powerful 3D mesh engine allows for automatic modeling of free form shapes and enables textured meshes which can be exported as .obj and then imported as reality capture data into other applications
  • Intuitive user interface offers guidance for complex tasks
  • Powerful Virtual Reality View enables management of 3D scan data in immersive detail

Range-images acquisition process, with manual and direct Registration. Generate and edit the mesh and export in several file formats.
IDEA allows to easily run the Scan in a Box scanning solution and all the post-processing operations to simplify the data. The user is guided in the 3D experience and enabled to manage all the toolkit to quickly get a complete digital model: 360° view, watertight and with no topological defects in its geometric structure.

Proprietary platform, unlimited licence included.
Native and smart interface. Advanced algorithms.
Registrations, decimation, smoothing, hole filling, scaling, mirroring, fixing tools and much more.