3D Scanning – Reverse Engineering – Prototyping – Ready to Print

Digitize any size of object for almost unlimited purposes. Fix broken parts in the household, generate artistic objects, create your own solutions, program games with realistic environments, or make ideas reality to start or enhance a business.

From Real to 3D

Choosing Scan in a Box, you are provided all you need to start working immediately, already with great results: the modular set up makes it very easy to mount the device. Scan in a Box gives the opportunity to set the field of the scanner so that it could best fit the needs of the scanned object. The choice of each and every piece of the device is targeted to offer the highest performances of the scanner, resulting in high precision and speed.

Process and Complete the 3D Model

Developed to cooperate in the most efficient way with Scan in a Box scanners, IDEA is the 3D Scanning software which allows to create a complete 360 degree digital model, without topological errors in the mesh geometry. The user-friendly and intuitive interface guides into a linear and smooth user experience, exploiting all the power of Scan in a Box systems.

Deliver to CAD or to 3D Printer

Recognized as the best 3D scanning software in its category by a wide users’ base, IDEA allows to gain full control on the processing time and on the data manipulation in every step, until the file exportation for subsequent operations. Export a 3D data ready for 3D printing, 3D sculpting, prototyping or reverse engineering.

Solutions for your specific needs

Scan in a Box

Up to 0.04mm system precision
Scanning time up to ~2 secs per scan
Up to 2 Mpx. sensors

Functional and reconfigurable, the 3D Scanner is carefully conceived to address multi-purpose usages. Designed for demanding users and companies that are looking for a high-level performance to save time and resources. Fast, accurate and concrete.

  • Modular and reconfigurable that allows to be used for almost unlimited applications.
  • Structured light technology in a stereo structure, grant full performances with high precision and resolution.
  • Powerful projector for enhanced brightness and color definition.
  • Compact and portable. Easy-to-transport and to use

Geomagic Software

Geomagic Wrap provides an effective scan-to-mesh solution. Design X creates a model that can be transferred to most popular CAD systems. Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS enables direct scanning into SOLIDWORKS where automated wizards easily create accurate feature-based solid parts (not capable of texture capture)

  • Seamlessly add 3D scanning into your design process so you can do more and work faster
  • Build components that integrate perfectly with existing products
  • Direct 3D print – museum visitors experience history without touching the artifact itself
  • Capture the design intent of complex geometry that cannot be measured any other way

Range-images acquisition process, with manual and direct Registration. Generate and edit the mesh and export in several file formats.
IDEA allows to easily run the Scan in a Box scanning solution and all the post-processing operations to simplify the data. The user is guided in the 3D experience and enabled to manage all the toolkit to quickly get a complete digital model: 360° view, watertight and with no topological defects in its geometric structure.

Proprietary platform, unlimited licence included.
Native and smart interface. Advanced algorithms.
Registrations, decimation, smoothing, hole filling, scaling, mirroring, fixing tools and much more.