FARO® offers a seamless solution and workflow for capturing existing as-builts efficiently and accurately in order to process data directly into deliverable CAD plans and BIM models using design software such as Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Revit®.

What does Traceable Construction mean?

Today, transparency and traceability of construction projects is not only of great benefit in terms of time and money for all project participants, but is also an essential success factor for lean construction projects to ensure a clean and trustworthy cooperation. The reality is often different, however, because suitable measuring tools and software and their shared accessibility are lacking.

This is where FARO’s Traceable Construction concept comes in.

FARO offers portable, efficient, secure and forward-looking solutions for data collection, pre-processing and evaluation for various surveying tasks in the design, build and operating phase. This enables FARO’s customers to accelerate processes, reduce project costs, minimize waste and increase profitability.

Find out in detail below how FARO solutions support the respective building life phases and their sections.