As-Built data preparation and sharing across all Building Lifecycle Phases

Simple, traceable communication between all project participants begins with the use of standard file types and widely used platforms. FARO workflows are compatible with widely used third party hardware and software.

FARO’s cloud services take collaboration to the next level, offering real-time access to the latest 3D reality data for worldwide project management and BIM workflows. This service allows reality data of unlimited size and independent of their source to be stored, viewed, evaluated and shared with all collaborators, anywhere and anytime. All common industry standard formats such as *.rcp, *.pod, *.xyz and *.e57 for downloading 3D reality data are supported, enabling seamless, collaborative Scan-to-BIM workflows directly in Autodesk® and Bentley Pointools portfolio or any other CAD and BIM software.

Cloud-based hosting solution for easy and secure sharing of reality data amongst project partners

Eliminates the need of transferring massive data using hard drives, USB sticks or third-party cloud storages. It is easy to learn, simple to use, guaranteeing fast data access for all partners worldwide, using a web browser.

Various viewing modes provide an impressive visualization of uploaded data and an easy orientation for project exploration.

Take, edit and share measurements, add annotations, organize data using categories and reference tags or add links to external data sources. Sharing information immediately with partners results in efficient project management based on one identical level of knowledge.

Download functionality enables time-saving workflows through exporting sections and whole projects directly into any preferred design system for tasks such as construction QC and as-built modelling.

A simple, but sophisticated project and user management permits authorization and unlimited number of users, giving them customizable access rights and user permissions without the need of having an independent account.

FARO provides the IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for installing, running and maintaining Internet servers.

Highest data security standards, SSL encryption and full compliance with the GDPR regulations of the European Union safeguard hosting sensitive workloads in the cloud.